A good death does honour to a whole life.

Every death is different.

At Tender Funerals we believe that when someone close dies, people have the right to say goodbye in their own way,
taking as much time as they need. For some, there is a real need to spend time with their loved one, to bathe and dress
them, to sit with them, to talk to them, simply to be close. For others, saying goodbye at the time of death is enough.
It takes time to come to terms with the death of someone you love and even longer to decide how you wish to honour them.

There is no rush to make these decisions. In your own time and if you wish, you can perform all or some of the tasks
associated with the funeral including writing an obituary, dressing a casket and preparing the body for viewing.

We support you to do as much as you feel comfortable doing and will sensitively assist when required.
Most importantly, we give you the opportunity to say goodbye in your own, meaningful way. The choices are yours.

Tender Funerals offers a comprehensive information and support service with a holistic scope of operations including:

Funeral pre-planning

We can assist you to make the arrangements for your own funeral. This can be done in a variety of ways including Tender facilitating a family/friends conference to allow you to express your wishes ors simply arranging to have
a conversation with us.

It can be important to members of your community to feel as if they are participating and people can take comfort in knowing that everyone is on board with what has been decided.

We do not hold any funds on your behalf. We suggest that you put funds aside in a bank account and tell family how to access this when the time comes. Your funeral information is held in our filing system, and all you need to do is to advise family of this.


We have a home-based funeral facilitation service which you can use even if you don’t engage us as your funeral director. This means you are the funeral director and we assist with walking you through the process.

Home-based care makes it possible for your loved one to lie in a state of grace either in their own home or somewhere with a personal connection that will be comforting to them and to you, for an extended period of up to five days. We can provide a cooling plate which makes this more viable and will provide any assistance with washing and dressing if you require it. We will offer all support and advice during this period.

Together with friends and family, you can privately celebrate their life and mourn their loss for several days if you so choose. Choosing to care for your loved one in this way means they are never alone nor with strangers; you accompany them on their final journey.

It is important to note that we can facilitate this even if the person did not die at home.

Holding a vigil

Our premises have been specifically designed to provide a comfortable, homely space for you and your community to spend as much time as you need with the deceased.

You can also have a vigil at home if that would feel more comfortable

Mortuary Care at our premises

You may choose to have your loved one stay at our Port Kembla premises in our cool room until the day of the funeral.

We can transfer your loved one to our premises where our skilled staff will respectfully care for them on your behalf. Alternatively, you are able to do the washing and dressing of your loved one yourself. We can provide a staff member to assist you or allow you the space and time to manage the whole process yourselves.

Logistical assistance

Tender Funerals provides full assistance with the legal and medical paperwork relating to a death, including procuring medical and death certificates.


We can organise appropriate transport on your behalf. We do not have a hearse but rather a van which has been fitted out for respectful coffin transportation. If a hearse is requested, we can hire one on your behalf.

Cremation & burial

We can provide advice on all cremation and burial options and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf at a crematorium or cemetery of your choice. After a cremation the bone fragments (ashes) are returned to the nominated person of your choice and can be interred in a cemetery, placed in an urn or scattered at a site meaningful to you.


Tender Funerals can help with the ceremony as little or as much as you require. There is no legal requirement for you to use a celebrant – anyone can take on this role. If you require this sort of assistance, we can help. We suggest you supply your own flowers and encourage you to create whatever you think would be the perfect goodbye for your person.


While embalming is not always necessary, we can offer this service.

Authentic & culturally appropriate funeral services

Our philosophy at Tender Funerals is you are in charge. We will work with you and your community to ensure that your cultural, family or community traditions are being respected and met. If interpreters are required, we are happy to provide them but would recommend that you bring a familiar community member to assist with this.